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Rexintegra is a professional services company and we’ve provided technology expertise and software solutions for over 6 years. Rexintegra services range from complete design and development of custom software applications to maintenance of existing applications. Our headquarters and development center are located in Sofia, Bulgaria. Our experienced team delivers projects with technologies and products such as J2EE, IBM WebSphere Portal Server, Oracle, Drupal, PHP, Sencha Touch, HTML5, CSS3, Alfresco, iPhone/iPad.

We are ISO 9001:2008 certified.

Rexintegra Ltd has two offices and employs professionals with break-through thinking and creativity, working in collaborative teams with hands-on experience in new technologies and integration projects. We deliver quality software development solutions and services in a timely and cost effective manner by combining best of the people, processes and technologies ensuring utmost client satisfaction.

Why Rexintegra?

Experienced in overcoming challenges, we embrace a customer-centric approach. We are always close to the client, adapting to each particular case, focusing on your business’ specifics and providing quality solutions that enable high performance results.

If you are looking for an offshore or near shore partner you should take into account our offer because we are:

  1. Talented

    Our bright, qualified and motivated team will bring all its knowledge, adjusting to your company specifics. We are investing continuously in developing technology competences.

  2. Cost effective

    With us clients gain the full leverage of an offshore workforce. Our rates are competitive not only to the Western European but also to other offshore companies.

  3. Agile

    Communication, comprehensive services and Lean/Kanban processes are the core of our successful deliveries and long-term partnerships in different geographical and cultural contexts.

Our Capabilities

We are investing continuously in developing niche technology competences. Our key service domains are:

  1. Enterprise Portal Solutions

    • Responsive web design
    • UX development
    • Service oriented integration and business process management
  2. Mobile Business Applications

    • Mobile Design
    • Cross-Platform Development
    • Server / API Engineering
  3. Machine-to-machine (M2M) solutions

    • Fleet management
    • GPS Asset tracking
    • Server Engineering

Portal Solution with IBM Websphere Portal

IBM’s WebSphere Portal is recognized as an industry leading solution used by companies large and small. As an IBM Advanced Partner, Rexintegra Ltd has been involved with IBM WebSphere Portal since the year 2007, helping customers create solutions to support complex business challenges. The portal provides custom-branded, enterprise capabilities that help deliver a highly-personalized, social experience for customers and employees. With WebSphere Portal, you can give customers and employees a single point of access to the applications, services, information and social connections they need.

Rexintegra Ltd created and integrated a global portal for a 12B+ employment services company and ranked on the "Fortune 500" list of America's largest companies. The system is based on IBM’s WebSphere Portal, it is multi-functional and multi-language. The portal encompasses all internal processes for processing and maintaining job candidates’ information. The portal has two major integrations: with a resume scoring/indexing engine – CVs are being automatically evaluated and matched against set of requirements and the client’s back office management solution – a complex system including candidates’ database and encompassing all back office activities the recruiters perform.

Portal Solution with Drupal

Rexintegra Ltd designed a multifunctional portal for one of the top 10 universities in Bulgaria. The university needed a multi-lingual portal site to provide the students with access to all necessary information related to their education.

The site is also intuitive and easy to use by the people, responsible to keep the content up to date. It is integrated with several existing systems – for courses scheduling and information about the teachers and their publications. The integration allows information from the in-house developed systems to show on the university public website.

Mobile Job Search Solution with iOS

The mobile job search application was developed for a 12B+ employment services company, ranked on the "Fortune 500" list of America's largest companies. It is the staffing industry’s premier tool to search jobs, apply for career opportunities, locate branches and get the best career news content on the web. This app helps users to quickly search for the job of their choice through keyword or category searches and easily sort results using Google Maps or scrolling features. The app also utilizes the phone’s geo-location capabilities to enhance the search process. Rexintegra Ltd implemented the iPhone application along with the services layer that allows iPhone app to function. All data is stored in a database and accessed through REST web services built on top of IBM Websphere Application server 8.0.

Mobile CRM Application with SenchaTouch

Rexintegra Ltd developed a mobile CRM app for a Fortune 500 drug manufacturer – one of the oldest biotechnology companies in the world with more than $5 billion in revenues that discovers, develops, manufactures, and markets biological products for the treatment of serious diseases. The company’s objective was to mobility enable (“mobilize”) its global sales force of over 1,000 pharmaceutical sales representatives. Each pharma rep was given an iPad in order to take advantage of the device’s presentation capabilities during client visits (calling up marketing collateral) and to increase sales productivity while on the road (working within a customer relationship management tool). The challenge was connecting the iPads to the company’s existing backend applications portfolio, in particular to Oracle CRM on Demand, a heavyweight CRM implementation which is centrally hosted at the company’s headquarters and in turn is integrated with a host of other systems. Oracle currently does not provide a mobile version for its CRM product and offers only a limited browser version which was determined to be insufficient for the firm’s notion of effective field sales enablement.

Rexintegra Ltd addressed that challenge by devising and developing an innovative hybrid enterprise app for iPad that two-way syncs with Oracle CRM on Demand and allow the pharma reps to work in “offline mode” (while traveling say on a train or meeting a physician in a shielded hospital environment).

The business requirements being implemented are:

  • Call Planning
  • Pre-Call Preparation
  • Call Recording and Reporting
  • Time Tracking/Time off Territory

Fleet Management Solution

Fleet management solutions combine products, software and systems that track vehicles, monitor vehicle conditions and driver behavior and a lot more. They keep you aware of what's happening and where so you can optimize delivery routes and schedules and streamline operations across your entire fleet.

With Rexintegra Ltd fleet management solutions you have a complete view and control right from your computer or mobile device. The technology captures and transmits real-time data to give you all the critical details when you need them. Now you can make informed decisions, identify issues before they become problems and keep operations economical and efficient. Rexintegra Ltd fleet management solutions provide valuable data like mileage, fuel consumption, driving speed ant a lot more and help fleet managers improve productivity, save fuel, and increase driver safety.

GPS Asset Tracking Solution

When you know the exact location and status of your high-value assets, you can ensure productivity by rerouting to avoid delays or take quick decisions when issues arise. Asset management solutions from Rexintegra Ltd keep you in control with real-time asset monitoring and analysis features. We offer solutions for enterprises to locate, track and manage assets, inventory, staff and visitors. You will always know the location of the most critical corporate resources, assets and people - anytime, anywhere. The real time visibility allows you to improve the overall workflow, levels of security and customer service. In other words, it allows you to do more with less. The system is designed as a set of components which ensures control and data collection via wireless interface (GPRS). Whether you are looking for a solution for hospital asset tracking, retail analytics, visitor security tracking, staff safety or other people tracking solutions, we know how to establish a surefire way to increase visibility and measurability. With asset tracking you can improve customer service by quickly locating the nearest employee when needed, minimize downtime through improved asset maintenance and usage, and reduce theft or loss. At the end of the day if you have better visibility into your operations you can truly measure productivity and success and in turn more efficiently manage your enterprise.


Our company provides a wide range of development services on multiple platforms using technologies and languages such as: Java, JSP, JSF, Hibernate, J2EE, IBM WebSphere Portal Server, Oracle, Drupal, PHP, Sencha Touch, HTML5, CSS3, PL/SQL, iPhone/iPad. Business process automation, Web services, client-server applications, including application development, maintenance, transformation and reengineering, onsite consulting, project management and coordination.

  • Oracle Oracle
  • Sencha Sencha
  • Drupal Drupal
  • Apache Tomcat Apache Tomcat
  • Alfresco Alfresco
  • CSS3 CSS3

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